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Lunch surprise

Enjoying lunch with the coworkers the co workers down in Fort Myers, Flordia and surprise! […]

10 July 2014 on Story
Natalie as the Incredible Hulk as autographed by Stan Lee.

My 5 Top Strengths

Everybody has strengths, their unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills. Strengths are the innate […]

17 May 2014 on Story
930north magazine

Magazine Development

How do magazines with themes get made? Thru lots of team planning, work, and love! […]

30 April 2014 on Story

ClickClack Sighting!

  A ClickClack sighting! Even tho I didn’t work on the packaging for ClickClack (some […]

23 February 2014 on Story
Cleopatra Parade in New Orleans

Moving to Baton Rouge

I’ve accepted a contract in Louisiana¬†for First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge. Nothing like […]

21 February 2014 on Story
Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Marketing

As part of FUMC’s Vision for the next 5 years, the whole membership is emphasizing […]

14 February 2014 on Story
Star Trek Badge

Packaging Mistakes

I see what you did there… Sometimes packaging or other design mistakes happen, but if […]

25 December 2013 on Story
Michele watch mood board fall 2013

Sneeky Design

Many weeks in, my art director has still not noticed that I’ve added Spiderman to […]

10 November 2013 on Story
Natalie Michelle Fossil

Contract Designer at Fossil,Inc

  Working with the Dallas office of Creative Circle, I was put on assignment at […]

20 September 2013 on Story
Toyota Believe Issue 6

Proof Check

Nothing fancy, just what’s going on today. It’s good stuff , to get this bad […]

25 September 2012 on Story