Here’s a brief bit of info about me or learn more about me professionally on LinkedIn.


Born and raised in small town USA, I headed off to college at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where I worked as a graphic designer part time while getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. Upon graduation I packed my bags, took off, and began working at Loudhailer Design in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Now I’ve moved back to the states and have lived in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Oxford in my vintage Airstream while working with clients in design contracts. I’m currently looking for more freelance or stable work in the USA.


Freelancing 2005-current. I create branding, WordPress sites, booklets, posters, and online ads.
Creative Circle 2013-2014. I worked as a contractor/freelancer helping companies (like Fossil, Michele Watch, Zodiac, & Burberry) during their peak seasons with their design needs.
Loudhailer Design 2010-2013. You name it, we rocked it out at Loudhailer. You can see my reference letter here.
UAB Art Gallery (now ArtLab) 2010. Working with other artists and presenting work.
Cummings Creative Group 2009. As a summer intern during college, I learned flexibility and working as part of a larger team at CCG.
Starbucks 2009-2010. Anyone who has ever worked in the creative industry knows how important coffee making and consumption is.
University of Alabama Health Informatics 2008-2009. I was an in-house graphic designer while at UAB for the medical school.

Fun Facts:

My favorite things include Dr. Pepper, the smell of fall, Firefly, playing board or card games with friends, trying new things, and travel. The most terrifying thing I’ve ever done was the bridge swing at Gravity Canyon in New Zealand for my birthday. I can also balance a spoon on my nose and cook minute rice in 59 seconds.

  • Print Design
    Print Design

    Lets work together and design some magazines, catalogs, posters, specialty brochures and much more.

  • Web Design & Planning
    Web Design & Planning

    I’m not a coder (yet!) but I’m still handy in WordPress and website planning.

  • Strategy

    I can create and implement social media, email, and marketing strategy for campaigns or roll outs.